About us

Hello Romance Reader!

My Book Goddess creates romance book goods with unique witty designs so book lovers can share their kinks and thrills! We are a brand dedicated to connecting smutty readers through their love of books and enabling them to share it with the world.

Why Goddess? Goddess represents finding our truth and expression. Romance novels centers women and uplifts femme desires. 

 🌱 Slow Fashion

To reduce inventory waste and to offer the best quality and inclusive sizing, our items are printed as ordered.

❤️ Made With Love

Designs are created with love by our Latina founder and operator. Items are printed with our supplier in the USA.  

📦 Free Shipping

We ship to the US, UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. 




Meet Mina, MBG founder

Hello there book lover, I’m Mina! My Book Goddess started from a passion of reading romance novels. As a lover of Fantasy and Paranormal creatures, I found myself coming up with fandom ideas I wanted to bring to life.

Creating designs fills me with so much joy. I am so excited to share them with romance readers who love a little spice in their lives!

 Bookstagram @minareadssmut

Sweet Resonance Ice Planet Barbarian Bookish Tee Shirt


Disclaimer: Our products are not official at this time. My Book Goddess isn’t sponsored by any author or publishing house.